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'My mission is to be a confident guide in the world of Art and Antiques and to share my knowledge with generations to come.'

Peter van Os

BLOG : Expert Eye on ART

The columns on Peter's Blog are already quite substantial.
Day-to-day activities are described on a regular base, concerning life and work of the Art Dealer.

You can read all about the collection antiques, exhibitions, auctions, contemporary artists, books, magazines and so much more.

Peter also shares his favorite ART trips in The Netherlands as well as abroad.

The Gallery in Arnhem is the central point of activities and of course you are always welcome, just give us a call!

Now, enjoy reading!

Valuating your Artwork

Specialized in valuating Art and Antiques, member of TMV

All about valuating


Have your valuable art restored under professional supervision

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'Some say they see poetry in my paintings,
I see only science.'

Georges Seurat

Books and Magazines

Peter van Os: 'On my CoffeeTable you can find all kinds of information about art and antiques. Great magazines and books about art collections, auctions, artist specials and catalogues.

Lots of information can be found on Internet, of course. But there's also a chair aside my coffee-table, where I can choose a variety of original books and magazines, take them in my hands, go threw the pages and enjoy the smell of paper. You might feel this need as well, every now and than.

When visiting our Gallery, a free copy of Vernis Magazine is waiting for you! Enjoy!'