Peter van Os Antiques & Fine Art

According to Peter van Os, Artists and their Artworks are inseparable connected. Art Dealer Peter van Os presents a wide scale of artworks. Originally specialised in the artworks of the 16th – 19th century, the collection of Peter van Os also shows contemporary art, mainly from the 20th and 21st century.

Antique Collection

As The Netherlands have a great history of very famous painters like Rembrandt and Van Gogh, most of these paintings are shown in Museums where the public can enjoy the site of this beauty. Only a few private collectors in the world can afford the rare and special works of art from those artists. Peter van Os is an experienced and confident partner when private relations need to be advised making investments in works of arts of this grandeur.
The collection of Peter van Os presents mainly Dutch and French 19th century paintings by different artists. All the known provenance and documentation of these paintings are available.
The total antique collection contains paintings, furniture, topographical maps, Chinese porcelain, sculptures, chandeliers, clocks and more rare decorative objects.

Contemporary Art Collection

Still at this moment in The Netherlands artists are working, resulting in high quality paintings and sculptures.

In the contemporary art collection there’s a presentation of Dutch painters. Some of these painters produced their work in the 50’s and 60’s. On the market they are popular, as the value of their work increases considerably.

Also the artists of the later period gaine their interest. The presentation of their work in the collection of Peter van Os can be of interest to the buyer. Documentation and lists of exhibition support the interest of investing in the work of these artists.

But in spite of all this, of course the real art collector has the same credo as Peter van Os himself:

‘I am only interested in art that touches me profoundly. When looking at art, my heartbeat should increase, I should really get excited.

Talking about the contemporary artist, I have built a relationship with each of them. I also get to know the person behind the artist, which make me appreciate their works even more.

For that, I do not only support the art work, but also the artist as a person. The relationship between the art and the artist should match. For that reason I would never exhibit art that doesn’t inspire me personally, that’s my main criteria by putting together this collection.’

Gallery since 1910

As already stated, Peter van Os has a background of antiques and fine arts. Specialised in the 16th - 19th century, his collection of topographical maps go back even to the 15th century.

In the gallery in Arnhem, The Netherlands, Peter’s grandfather started the business in 1910. For three generations the van Os family is known for trading in European antiques and fine arts. Mainly the objects are paintings, furniture, topographical maps, Chinese porcelain, clocks and sculptures. Also fine and rare antique art objects can be found in the gallery.

Peter van Os continued the family business on his own from 1974 on. After graduation in the History of Art, Peter used to be one of the youngest Art Dealers. Also he studied in those days to be Registered Valuator, nowadays working for Insurance Companies, Museums and private persons all over the world. Peter’s father passed away in 2005 at the age of 92 years. Although of course for years he was not actively involved in the current operations anymore, his knowledge and experience have always been very valuable and supportive. In 2000 Peter’s wife Tineke joined the business. With her background of business- and people management and her interest in art and antiques, she supports the business in The Netherlands as well as the International business.

1953 Piet en Ada van Os-Aalbers with their children  

Memberships and Art Fairs

Peter van Os is a respected member of :

  • VHOK, Dutch society of Art and Antique dealers
  • Cinoa, International Federation of Antique Dealers
  • TMV, Dutch society of Brokers and Valuators

List of Art Fairs where Peter van Os has been participating in Europe:

  • The Netherlands, Amsterdam, PAN
  • The Netherlands, Maastricht, TEFAF
  • Belgium, Brugge
  • England, London
  • Germany, München
  • Italy, Florence