Dutch Photo Artist : Frank van Driel

Proud to announce Dutch Photo Artist Frank van Driel has trusted his collection to our Gallery!

Frank van Driel (1966), allround Photo Artist, keeps on surprising with a wide scale of artworks, based on photography.

His talent and passion results in a diverse collection of SERIES and SOLO artwork.

When I visited Frank for the first time, we met in his atelier in Den Bosch. Right away I was struck by the photo’s of the Love Potion Series.

Collage of 9. Series Love Potion.
50 x 50 cm each. In total the Series Love Potion concerns 25 individual Artworks.



100 x 100 cm

In our Gallery : Love Potion : No.9.



Hans Keuls : Artist @ work

Very proud we are, to represent the Dutch artist/painter Hans Keuls. Love his collection as well as his personality!

In our gallery in Arnhem you will find a small collection of his paintings. When in Miami, you can take the opportunity to visit the exhibition of 35 paintings by Hans at Travalco, Hallandale Beach.

A collection of paintings by Hans can also be found in Taipei and Shanghai. An internationally respected artist, collected by an international audience.

Several times a year, our gallery organizes a visit to Hans’ Atelier, where he receives us with the local  speciality: Limburgse Vlaai.


Atelier Hans Keuls: Artist @ work


Peter at Levant Art Gallery, Shanghai



Violet Blue Spring Rhythm Field, 120 x 220 cm. On exhibition at Het Colofon Boekhandel, Bakkerstraat, Arnhem.

Calling for a drink : Hand Bell

From the collection in my Curiosity Cabinet:

Bronze hand Bell with wooden handle.
The Bell is Original 17th Century and has beautifull decorations. On the side an inscription in Dutch:

(the sound of this Bell calls for a drink)




Stone Engraving : Steeple Chase

The First Steeple Chase on Record at The large field near Billie’s Corner.

This is the title and subtitle to be found on the original stone engraving, which has been beautiful colored. It has been published in England, March 1839, the engraving can be dated around 1860.

The engraving measures 37,5 x 41 cm, including frame 66 x 71 cm.

Signed by drawer Henry Tomas Alken (1785-1851) as well as by engraver John Harris (1791-1873). The engraving is in perfect condition and for sale out of my private collection at the Kastanjelaan in Arnhem. The price including the frame is € 550.


Steeple Chase, ca 1860


Inspiring : Wessel Huisman

Above: View on Gent on a Summer day in 1962 (120×180 cm)

Wessel Huisman has been nominated for the 2015 Artist of the Year Award.



Exhibitions take the works by Wessel Huisman all over the globe, from Italy to Shanghai to Arnhem.

In our Gallery we have a collection of his paintings in the inspiring grey tones that are specific to his work.



Het Colofon : Art at the Bookstore

Contemporary Art by Hans Keuls and Wessel Huisman, as well as antique copper engravings. Back at the Bakkerstraat in Arnhem!
Website : Een passie voor boeken.