Collection : Hans Keuls

Violet Blue Spring Rhythm Field | 120 x 220 cm | € 4.250

Although we will have to wait some time for the Spring to arrive, this painting already gives us the nice and bright feeling in an explosion of colours.

Een explosie van kleur die ons inderdaad doet verlangen naar de lente. Daar moeten we nog even op wachten. Dit schilderij is te zien in Boekhandel Het Colofon, Bakkerstraat, Arnhem.

 Watch the 8-minits Video of the artist Hans Keuls


Hans Keuls Catalogue : Rhythm of the Hand

Hans Keuls : Artist @ work

Very proud we are, to represent the Dutch artist/painter Hans Keuls. Love his collection as well as his personality!

In our gallery in Arnhem you will find a small collection of his paintings. When in Miami, you can take the opportunity to visit the exhibition of 35 paintings by Hans at Travalco, Hallandale Beach.

A collection of paintings by Hans can also be found in Taipei and Shanghai. An internationally respected artist, collected by an international audience.

Several times a year, our gallery organizes a visit to Hans’ Atelier, where he receives us with the local  speciality: Limburgse Vlaai.


Atelier Hans Keuls: Artist @ work


Peter at Levant Art Gallery, Shanghai



Violet Blue Spring Rhythm Field, 120 x 220 cm. On exhibition at Het Colofon Boekhandel, Bakkerstraat, Arnhem.

Het Colofon : Art at the Bookstore

Contemporary Art by Hans Keuls and Wessel Huisman, as well as antique copper engravings. Back at the Bakkerstraat in Arnhem!
Website : Een passie voor boeken.