Exposition Dutch Artist Gerard Koek


Building Artwork for Exposition Gerard Koek

 Visual Artwork

Finally, the time has come. The extraordinary visual artwork by Dutch artist Gerard Koek, found its way to our dining- and meeting room. An impressive piece of art that fits seamlessly in the environment, in spite of the huge measurements.

From each point of view, the artwork surprises with changing compositions.

No image of this artwork yet, as it will be more of a surprise during the exposition next weekend at our location in Arnhem.


25 Artworks for auction : Collectors Items


Auctioneer for this special occasion

Sunday October 11 there will be an Auction of 25 Artworks by Artists that have been on the exposition ‘Kunst op de Koffie’ this weekend.

As usual for this event, I will be the Auctioneer.


Location: De Lommerd

Spijkerstraat 185a, ARNHEM, The Netherlands

Auction will start : 17:30



Peter, Auctioneer-for-1-day, 2013
Photo’s: Job van Nuenen



Koffie met Koek

Above: Twin | 2006 | wood and cardboard | 2 x 300 x 200 x 30 cm

Coffee served with Art

The weekend of October 10 and 11, our house and gallery will join the Dutch event: Kunst op de Koffie.

Our Coffee will be served with Art by Koek.

Dutch artist Gerard Koek will make artwork specifically for the occasion. We first met last week and in the next week we will take the opportunity to visit the artist in his Atelier in Nijmegen, close to our gallery in Arnhem. Really look forward to see his work!

You can already take a look at the  WEBSITE of Gerard Koek.


Kunst op de Koffie

Op  10 en 11 oktober stellen wij ons huis tevens galerie beschikbaar in verband met het evenement Kunst op de Koffie.

Wij serveren de Koffie met Koek!

Kunstenaar Gerard Koek maakt speciaal voor de gelegenheid een kunstwerk dat past in onze omgeving. Vorige week hebben we kennis gemaakt met de kunstenaar. Volgende week bezoeken wij Gerard in zijn Atelier in Nijmegen. Benieuwd om zijn werk te gaan zien!

Hier alvast de WEBSITE van Gerard Koek.