Hans Keuls : Artist @ work

Very proud we are, to represent the Dutch artist/painter Hans Keuls. Love his collection as well as his personality!

In our gallery in Arnhem you will find a small collection of his paintings. When in Miami, you can take the opportunity to visit the exhibition of 35 paintings by Hans at Travalco, Hallandale Beach.

A collection of paintings by Hans can also be found in Taipei and Shanghai. An internationally respected artist, collected by an international audience.

Several times a year, our gallery organizes a visit to Hans’ Atelier, where he receives us with the local  speciality: Limburgse Vlaai.


Atelier Hans Keuls: Artist @ work


Peter at Levant Art Gallery, Shanghai



Violet Blue Spring Rhythm Field, 120 x 220 cm. On exhibition at Het Colofon Boekhandel, Bakkerstraat, Arnhem.

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