‘It seems as if my painting is taking me gradually back to the 19th century,
whithout me losing the paranoia and idiocy of the present.’

Hans Keuls

Peter’s Expert Eye on the paintings by Hans Keuls:

‘Hans Keuls is a professional artist, educated and inspired by great Dutch painters. His warmth and great personality shine through his work!

I had spent a lifetime collecting Contemporary Art when I came across his paintings, completely by coincidence, in the late summer of 2010. As an avid art collector, I was completely surprised and overwhelmed by the way his work touched me at first sight. The way he uses his hands, spatulas and brushes to influence the intensity of the colors struck me deeply. I was anxious to see more of his works; I felt a deep connection to his open minded personality, his love for music and rhythm, his fascination for nature, and the way he approaches new views.

Now, Impressionist painter Johannes Cornelis Keuls is presented by our Gallery with great opportunities to show his work in The Netherlands as well as USA, Taiwan and China.’






The paintings by Hans Keuls can be described as impressive and colorful.

You can have an impression of the work by Hans by sliding threw the images of the paintings.

At our Gallery we can show you a great collection, so feel free to contact us and plan your visit.

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The life and work of artist Hans Keuls is filled with traveling and making music. He prefers places to go to and people to meet that inspire him to be the successful painter he is.

But of course most of the time, Hans Keuls can be found in his Atelier in the Dutch region Limburg.


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Art at the Office

The Miami Office of Travalco at Hallandale Beach is a permanent exhibition of the paintings by Hans Keuls.

Artist Website

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Artist @ WORK

Hans Keuls is a very passionate painter and also a musician, a drummer.

In his paintings you can read, almost hear and feel physically the importance of the rhythm and harmony, as in music and nature. His paintings are described as full of passion, organic and with a strong desire for an universal consolation in beauty and harmony, like the impressionists did at the end of the 19th Century.

Enjoy watching this video of the Artist at work in his Atelier.