House of Orange : Private Collection

Antique Delft Charger | House of Orange | diameter 30,5 cm | ca 1770

A polychrome decorated Delft Charger with inscription in favour of the House of Orange.

In the centre a medaillon with the portraits of The Dutch Prince William V (1748-1806), also called the Prince of Orange, and his wife, Wilhelmina, Princes of Pruissen. The Charger is decorated with orange apples.

Inscription: FSW:PWO5

FSW indicates the full name name of the Princes: Frederika Sophie Wilhelmina.

PWO5 indicates the name of the Prince: Prince William Orange 5 (V).

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The Charger belongs to my Grandfather’s private collection.

Condition Report

Usually 18th Century Chargers need some restoration in case the owner prefers a perfect plate.After restoration chips will be invisible. For me, I never restored this plate as I appreciate it’s actual condition. The Charger has no crack’s at all, only several very small chips around the edge and 2 chips on the backside, which are 0,5 cm each.

Price of the Charger is € 1.500. Restoration can be done on request and will be € 250.