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For my certification as Registered Valuer/Appraiser, I need to update and meet the requirements for the next period. This process takes place on a regular basis. My membership started in 1974.

The number of valuations performed by me every year is increasing. For insurance and inheritance reasons the demand for valuation has been quite high again this year, as a result of various reasons.

Website : Federatie TMV


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The two Registers of Federatie TMV list the expert authorised Registered Valuers/Appraisers and Registered Brokers, and the Registered Auctioneers, respectively. Knowledge, quality and reliability are the key concepts. For more than 50 years, Federatie TMV has accepted as its members only persons who have passed a demanding professional exam. The requirement of personal certification was also added in 2002. The two Registers list more than 300 experts with more than 40 different areas of expertise.



Peter valuating painting by Nicolaas Riegen

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