Wall covering : Frick Collection

Above: Interior Frick Museum New York

One of the eye-catching items at the Frick Museum Collection is the set of Wall Covering Paintings as presented on the photo above.

Although wall covering paintings were very popular in the 18th century, nowadays the original pieces are very rare to find.

Set of 10

Similar set of Wall Covering Paintings | ca 1800


This set of 10 pieces in our collection has been attributed to Gillis Smak Gregoor. More paintings of this artist are in the Museum of Dordrecht and have been part of the interior of the former Castle Develstein in The Netherlands.

The set is in very good condition. The wooden panels have a small wooden frame en can be fit in easily as separate wall covering paintings.

It has been in a Castle in Belgium for decades, before I was able to acquire the paintings.

Dia03 Dia04 Dia05 Dia06 Dia07

By the RKD Expert, Curator of Old Master Paintings and Works at RKD The Hague:

“After studying and research of the paintings, the name of the artist Gillis Smak Gregoor (1770-1843) came up. The paintings are of the period around 1800.

The artist is is from Dordrecht, a town near The Haque. He was inspired by the 17th century cattle painters, the most famous artists Paulus Potter and Albert Cuyp.”

Until May 10 you can visit the Museum Mauritshuis, The Hague to enjoy the Exhibition:

The Frick Collection – Art Treasures from New York