In the Light of Reality

‘Like the old Dutch Masters, I love Holland, the skies, de frankness of the landscape, the brightness, the light.
The first things that count in my work are light and brightness. For that reason I do not need colors’.

Wessel Huisman

Peter’s Expert Eye

‘When I first met Wessel, we were both traveling in Asia, fall 2012.

At that time, I wasn’t aware of him being the artist of an incredible oeuvre. Allthough I was familiar with his work, we never actually met. We found out that we live only 15 minutes from each other in The Netherlands.

Another unique love we have in common is our admiration for the music composed by Eric Satie. It turns out that Wessel plays the composition ‘Gnossiennes’ every morning while meditating and writing down his first thoughts of each day.

Wessel has an everlasting interest in light and space. His paintings make me aware of times and places in a way that touches very deep and make me want to be part of his world.

I am very proud to present the work of Wessel in our Gallery’.

Peter’s television interview. Perfect outfit! Art Basel, Miami

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