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Network of professional Restorers

Restoring Antiques

A number of professional experts are in my network of Restorers. Every expert has his own special qualifications in restoring the past: paintings, peper, furniture, porcelain. These relations are of course very dear to me. Most of our fathers already worked together in their generation.

Fathers and Sons

The fathers learned their professional skill to their sons an daughters. Like my father taught me the skills I need to qualify and valuate art and antiques.


Restored or not restored, that’s the question

For me, to valuate antique objects requires awareness of restorations. Restorations have consequences for the value of an object. Special equipment for appraisals help me to confirm restorations as well as the age and quality of the performed restorations.

Furniture restorations
Furniture restorations

Kaarten en prenten

Maps and Prints: Original Engravings

New Exhibition started

Our collection is quite substantial and concerns the region around Arnhem as well as other area’s in Holland and abroad. Let us know what you are looking for and we will search our collection. And of course, you are always welcome to browse threw the collection yourself at our home Gallery in Arnhem.


The map on top of this page is of the Dutch River Bovenwaal, ca 1777.


Original hand colored antique Copper Engraving

Velp, Biljoen | Original handcoloured Copper Engraving | € 295

Arnhem | Original Copper Engraving | € 225

Maps and prints

Make inquiries on the website of Federation TMV

Certified Valuer

The Federation TMV is the branche organisation that serves certified professional valuers, brokers and auctioneers concerning movable properties like Art and Antiques.

TMV launched a new website which is interesting if you are looking for a professional expertise. My membership started in 1981 and since than I have performed many valuations  in The Netherlands as well as abroad.
TMV also controls certifications, so you can rely on finding a certified professional expert. Every other year each member takes an exam to renew certification.

Federation TMV has been founded in 1951. Nowadays, 300 members have been registered.



Website TMV

Happy Harley Riders

Harley Davidson

The Harley Davidson painting ‘Light Riders’ is at the moment in our Gallery in Arnhem, The Netherlands.

Light Riders | 2012 | 140 x 180 cm | € 9.200

San Fransisco Light Riders

The title ‘Light Riders’ suits this painting presenting 3 proud guys on their Harley Davidson’s. Light is an important issue in this painting, as is the atmosphere, totally caught by greytones.


Colorful greytones

One of our relations keeps on talking about the colors in Wessel Huisman’s paintings! Amazing that you can really experience colors, kept by light and numerous variations of grey.

Exposition Dutch Artist Gerard Koek


Building Artwork for Exposition Gerard Koek

 Visual Artwork

Finally, the time has come. The extraordinary visual artwork by Dutch artist Gerard Koek, found its way to our dining- and meeting room. An impressive piece of art that fits seamlessly in the environment, in spite of the huge measurements.

From each point of view, the artwork surprises with changing compositions.

No image of this artwork yet, as it will be more of a surprise during the exposition next weekend at our location in Arnhem.


25 Artworks for auction : Collectors Items


Auctioneer for this special occasion

Sunday October 11 there will be an Auction of 25 Artworks by Artists that have been on the exposition ‘Kunst op de Koffie’ this weekend.

As usual for this event, I will be the Auctioneer.


Location: De Lommerd

Spijkerstraat 185a, ARNHEM, The Netherlands

Auction will start : 17:30



Peter, Auctioneer-for-1-day, 2013
Photo’s: Job van Nuenen



Vincent Van Gogh

Laatste weekend Van Gogh & Co

Gisteren heb ik dan eindelijk de tentoonstelling Van Gogh & Co bezocht. Dat was een geweldige ervaring, inspirerend ook. Vol energie kwam ik terug uit het Kröller Möller Museum.

De inrichting van de tentoonstelling was ook weer heel overzichtelijk. Teksten uit de brieven van Vincent van Gogh aan zijn broer Theo zijn weergegeven op de muren, maar ook bij de schilderijen. Door de briefwisseling wordt een duidelijk beeld gegeven van de tijd en van de beweegredenen en gemoedstoestand van de kunstenaar.

Het overzicht is compact en aansprekend.

Het komende weekend is dan echt het laatste weekend dat deze tentoonstelling bezocht kan worden.

Van Gogh & Co: tot en met zondag 27 september te zien in het Kröller Möller Museum.

Foto: Catalogus Tentoonstelling op mijn Leestafel



En als u dan toch naar het Museum gaat, bezoekt u natuurlijk ook het Park Hoge Veluwe. In dit seizoen treft u daar met een beetje geluk wilde zwijnen en het spektakel van de bronstige herten.

Wij troffen het bijzonder en hebben beiden goed kunnen zien!